Big Onion

The onion, a distinctive feature of Russian architecture, ubiquitous in the country’s cuisine, could have been the inspiration for Winston Churchill’s description of the country, “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” The Big Onion is about food and wine in Moscow (and Russia), but not just. We may peel back a few layers. Join us for a new view of the city. Follow our regular posts about restaurants, wine and personalities, and follow our Bird Food (Twitter posts – the_big_onion).

Charles Borden is Editor for GlobalFlavor, a Traveler’s Guide to the World’s Best Restaurants, and formerly Contributing Editor and Wine and Dine Reviewer for Moscow’s Passport Magazine ( Mr. Borden is an experienced professional writer and editor and has worked with the development of a number of English language publications in Russia and served as editor for several glossy periodicals including the Aeroflot inflight magazine, Russian Fine Art, and Russians: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  He is author of Borden’s Best World Restaurants – 2008, Borden’s Best Restaurants – Europe 2010 and other books in this series. Since 2003, he has contributed to the annual edition of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, one of the world’s most important wine books. He worked with the wine industry in southern Russia from 1993 to 2000.

The Big Onion is the Russia affiliate of GlobalFlavor (


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